Lighting Guide

The Three Main Types of Lighting

types of lighting

Lighting design is generally acknowledged to be comprised of three distinct types of lighting: task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting. Which of the three you need depends on the area to be illuminated and what you’re trying to achieve.

A general understanding of these three main types of lighting can be very useful and may help you determine exactly what is required for your home or your place of business.

Task Lighting

Just like it sounds, the purpose of task lighting is to provide needed illumination for accomplishing some specific purpose. Good examples might be sewing, writing or reading a book. Such purposes are easily accommodated by desk lamps, track lighting, or recessed lighting, and should minimize glare while providing the necessary light.

The cooking light over your stove is an example of a very specific kind of task lighting, offering great value during food preparation times.

Accent lighting

The aim of accent lighting is to highlight a specific focal point, and make it stand out from its surroundings. This is often done to bring attention to paintings, sculptures or architectural features. In a home setting, accent lighting has the effect of adding greater dimension to a room, making it seem larger.

The rule of thumb for highlighting an object in this manner is to focus about three times more lighting on it than on objects nearby.

General lighting

General lighting provides sufficient illumination so that everything in a room is easily visible and can safely be navigated. There is a wide variety of light sources that can provide general lighting for the home or office, including floor lamps, chandeliers, hanging fixtures and ceiling-mounted lights.

Also referred to as ambient lighting, this is considered the foundation for interior illumination and the starting point in lighting design.

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