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What is Liquidation?

We at Desert Liquidators are often asked how we always have so much inventory. The simple answer is that companies all over the country are constantly going through liquidation. We are on hand to take the liquidated merchandise off their hands. In business, liquidation can mean one of two things:

  • A business goes bankrupt and must dispose of its inventory
  • A business shifts to new merchandise and must clear out its old inventory

Your friendly Phoenix liquidators scour the country to find and bring home to Arizona the best products at the best prices from these liquidation events. The home and commercial equipment we offer is unmatched in style, price and performance.

You will not find dent-and-ding merchandise. You will not find outdated and ugly products. You will find exceptional values that come to us from companies that need to clear their floors, balance their books or cut their losses.

All in the Timing

Nobody wishes a business to go bankrupt. Creditors lose; the buying public loses; the business owner loses. When bankruptcy is inevitable, the business owner must dispose of stock and store equipment. This could be a restaurant, retailer, hotel or office supply house.

Desert Liquidators steps in at the right time to get these liquidated items at steep discounts, returning some value to the owner and passing huge savings on to you.

Environmentally Friendly

One way to think of liquidation in Phoenix is to think of it as the ultimate recycling. By buying up excess inventory or helping to empty a store going out of business, we prevent these valuable products from going to waste.

The embedded energy in a stainless steel restaurant sink has value that can be repurposed for a new eatery, a kitchen remodeling or a school. The beds, bar stools and bathtubs we rescue and resell can have new life.

Economically Friendly

Because we at Desert Liquidators can acquire these gleaming new, discontinued and overstock items for a fraction of what a wholesaler would pay, we can pass the savings onto you, our wallet-wise customers.

You save big because we think big. We buy from liquidation sales all over the country and bring the new inventory back to Phoenix for you. No waiting, no huge shipping bills and, best of all, no high-end retail sticker shock.

New inventory arrives all the time, so contact Desert Liquidators today or stop by our store soon.

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Desert Liquidators is a family run business started in 2005 by entrepreneur Bob Ogden, a 25-year veteran in the salvage, construction and asset recovery business.
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We make it convenient for you! We deliver anything from kitchen sinks to pizza ovens.
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We buy closeouts, discontinued product and overstock. If you are going out of business or remodeling, give us a call!